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A spring full of colors and novelties!
Even in the current global context, you have to know how to look at the beauty around you and enjoy every moment in life. Comarbois is back once again with its Spring Newsletter full of colors and novelties. We thank you a thousand times for your loyalty and do trust us for all your projects, we will always be at your disposal!

New Aïn Sebâa Showroom !
We are pleased to announce the upcoming opening of our new showroom in Aïn Sebâa, a space designed to offer a unique and complete experience to our clients. More than an ordinary showroom, it combines point of sale, advice and exhibition of our products. Occupying the ground floor of our branch at Boulevard Maaden, ZI Aïn Sebâa in Casablanca, this new space will open its doors at the end of March.
New Alvic decor: Royal Old Oak
The design of this new decor from the well-known brand Alvic the “Royal Old Oak” reminds us of a layer of lacquer that comes off its surface. In the world of decoration, this design is extremely unusual and suits perfectly an interior with a vintage touch. All this combined with a "burnt" finish that reminds us of the Japanese technique of "Shou" or "Sugi Ban" which was used in the 18th century to treat the wood so that it could be used outdoors.
Comarbois at the service of healthcare !
By supplying H20 beams, shuttering panels as well as film faced plywood, we are proud to participate in the construction of the multidisciplinary Hospital Center of the city of Safi. This innovative project of the Cheikh ZAID Foundation will provide quality care to the staff of the OCP Group and for the inhabitants of Safi. The 15,000 m² hospital located on a 6.5 hectares plot of land will have a capacity of 135 beds.
The new innovative sawmill of the giant SCA
SCA is working on an innovative and unique project to develop one of the largest sawmills in Sweden. A three-dimensional X-ray scanner has just been installed at the company's sawmill in Bollsta, which will allow three-dimensional radiography of the wood. Thanks to this technological achievement, SCA will increase its sawn pine timber production from 550,000 m3 to 800,000 m3 per year. We are proud to count the company among our biggest suppliers.
KHAKI, the new born of Valchromat colors
Valchromat presents a new original color: "Khaki". Being an earthy shade, it goes perfectly with other natural tones and iseasily combined with various materials such as wood, to reinforce the natural effect or steel to combine a modernand trendy look. Let your imagination run wild, anything is possible with the Valchromat ! Available now and exclusively at Comarbois !
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